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Easy for your costumer - easy for you!

Save all your important links (mail, phone, address, facebook, twitter, linkedin..) in one URL. Quick access for your customers SIGNUP NOW!

Quick access

Today your customer searches your phone, tomorrow your Facebook, and then your Twitter.... Do you lose customers because they do not easily find this information on your website? Now they will know what data do you offer easily with Omilink.

Cloud Based

You just have to put a link to your website and forget about it all. At any time, you add or change a link, and they will automatically be added to your account. Do not waste any more money by making changes to your website, business cards, flayers … Give alwaysyour address in Omilink and make the changes only in one place.

Responsive design

A quick access platform, so your client does not have to waste his time in finding what he wants or needs. Adapted to all mobile and desktop platforms. Quick Access Url and bidi code associated to flayers, cards... etc.

Always close

Did you add a new service and your customer does not know about it? with Omilink your customers will receive a notice of the new changes you make.

I've seen the future, it's OMILINK